AI based Smart Agriculture

By Joan Mbesya

Learn how you can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Smart Agriculture to increase yield.


6 Week

$101 $55 person

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Sustainable agriculture not only helps find a balance between the volume of food production and proper maintenance of the ecosystem, it also promotes the economic stability of the farmers, with nearly 40% of its population relying on agriculture as livelihood.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted sustainable smart agriculture practices with data-driven approaches integrating AI and machine learning with big data technologies and high-performance computing could drive agricultural productivity.


The program emphasises on the relevance of AI assisted smart Agriculture, tools and techniques needed for that. The program will discuss some of the advanced applications of AI in agriculture. It will also emphasize on how an agricultural ecosystem can be developed so that the benefits of AI can reach small farmers.

The course objective is to develop critical skills in Future technologies that can be applied in the field of agriculture, and be able to demonstrate the ability to innovate around the acquired skills and knowledge by conceptualizing ideas around AI in Agriculture. This course will be an 8Week Virtual learning, and will be structured into 4 Phases; Introduction Phase, Discussion phase, Conceptualization Phase and Demonstration Phase.

The course will initially orient the students into the world of Artificial Intelligence, by learning basic concepts that define AI and its elements. These skills will be tested using Quizzes and assignments to demonstrate understanding of the concepts. The second phase will delve deeper into understanding and analysing technologies that are critical to Agriculture, observe through case studies, their applications, and discuss critically potential applications in today’s farming. To demonstrate grasp of this phase, the students will be challenged to get into groups and discuss innovative ideas that can be applied to modern farming, and this will be marked and graded. The third phase, will be coining business infrastructure around these ideas, by training on commercializing the concepts to becoming sustainable businesses in the field of Agriculture. The final phase will be to challenge different concepts by making virtual presentations before a panel of judges, opening up the students’ opportunities to implementing the ideas into the real world.

The classes, discussions and presentations will all be virtual to promote digital learning for knowledge.



orientation –

  • House Keeping rules
  • About the Program
  • Expected Deadlines
  • Expected Objectives

1 Day

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & ITS CONEPTS

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision

1 Week


  • Introduction To Smart Farming & Market Size
  • Impact of AI in Agri Businesses & Farming
  • Case Studies
  • The Future of Smart Farming
  • AI Applications in Agriculture e.g.
  • A. Precision Agriculture
  • B. Predictive Analytics
  • C. Climate Change
  • D. Crop Management
  • E. Poultry Management

1 Week


  • Introduction To Data
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Science
  • Big Data & Agriculture

1 Week

Internet Of Things

  • Introduction To IOT
  • IOT & Agriculture
  • How IOT is shaping Agriculture

1 Weeks


  • Agriculture In Africa
  • Success Stories Beyond Borders
  • How Can we create Success Stories

1 Week

design thinking

  • Elements Of Design Thinking
  • Conceptualizing Smart Agriculture
  • The Winning Idea

1 week


  • What Investors Look For In Winning Concepts
  • Getting MVP to Investor/Market Ready

1 Week

MVP Project Presentations

  • Putting Your Idea To Test
  • Winning Pitch

2 Weeks

Graduation and Certification

1 Day



Requirements include the various equipments, hardware and software you would need during the learning program. In this learning program you would need the followings,

  • A Window PC or MAC
  • Moderate to high-speed internet
  • Stationery

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